Airtel Super Singer 4 Grand Finale Live 01-02-2014 -Vijay tv Show


They have made the viewers sit stuck to the TV… They have climbed to acclaim with their uncommon singing ability. They are none other than the finalists of the most mainstream actuality voice chase Airtel Super Singer 4 on Vijay TV.
Sever -01 Live

Airtel Super Singer 4 Finalists are – Sarath Santosh (Ss01), Dhivagar (Ss10), Parvathy (Ss09), Syed Subahaan (Ss04) and Sonia (Ss08)

Sever -02

In 2006; Nikhil Matthew was the first individual to win the desired title of Airtel Super Singer. Accompanied by Krishnamoorthy in 2007 for the lesser version; Ajeesh in 2009 for the senior and Alka in 2010 in the second release for Juniors, Aajeedh in Super Singer Junior 3 in 2012. Presently the time now crown the champ of AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 4 in 2014..!! Who around the skilled five finalists might WIN the prestigious title and walk away with a thousand prize Arun Excello presents 60 lakhs worth Apartment and the first runner up with V consideration Tricology Hair Clinic shows 1 kilo Thangam.

The last crash of the five finalists of Airtel Super Singer 4 might happen on 01 February 2014, from 6 pm ahead at Chennai S P Golf Grounds, Interior Race Course Road, Guindy, Chennai before a crowd of people of more than 10,000 and might shaft LIVE arriving at its diehard fans the nation over.

The amazing finale might be graced by incredible music authors and prominent performers from the South music industry. Numerous exceptional exhibitions by famous artists expect the viewers too. The stage is all situated for these most capable entertainers to redefine their dreams. By and by it is the viewers of Tamilnadu who might be picking the most meriting vocalist of Airtel Super Singer 4 through portable and web voting. The Judges of the show artists Sujatha, Srinivas, Unnikrishnan as well as the Tamil film music industry might be seen to energize and judge the capable youthful contenders.

Airtel Super Singer 4 Voting Mechanism – Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and make their choice for the meriting and capable artist (XX-being the contender’s number)

Separated from this, viewers can additionally login to and make their choice.

Super Singer 4 Grand Finale

This fervor of music will be LIVE on Saturday, 01 February 2014, beginning 6:30pm. Viewers don’t miss to watch your most loved super artist perform for the pined for title one last tim

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  1. Sathish says:


  2. agila says:

    my vote is to ss 10 diwakar

  3. lakshmi says:

    it is not allowing to vote but it allow only international user

  4. uday kumar says:


  5. Kishore says:

    SS 10

  6. uday kumar says:

    ss 10 diwakar

  7. VIJAY says:

    my vote ss10 diwakar

  8. Rakkini says:

    my vote is for diwakar SS10

  9. Xavier. s says:


  10. kaleel says:

    my vote is for diwakar ss10

  11. sandhya says:

    my vote is for ss10 diwakar

  12. Mangai Kumaravel Kumaravel says:

    My vote is for Diwakar ss10

  13. isaac charles says:

    my vote to ss10 diwakar

  14. afra says:

    diwakar ss10

  15. gowthamsiddhu says:


  16. ramya says:

    my vote is diwakar SS10

  17. Tina says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  18. Tina says:

    Diwakar SS10

  19. satheeskannan AP says:


  20. T.Iyappan says:

    my vote for Diwakar SS10

  21. Indhu says:

    my vote SS10 diwakar

  22. antony says:

    My vote for sarath …

  23. Indhu says:

    SS10 diwakar

  24. Dr. Anu Paneerselvam says:


  25. veerakumar says:


  26. Ramya says:

    SS10 diwakar

  27. donald rahul says:


  28. Pragadesh says:

    SS10 dhivakar

  29. Hari says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  30. karthikkeyan says:

    ss10 diwaker

  31. bharathikavi says:


  32. IndhuMathi says:

    SS10 diwakar

  33. gajendran says:

    my vote for only sonia

  34. anwar says:

    My vote syed

  35. gajendran says:

    my vote for only ramya

  36. R.Sakthivel says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  37. diwakar says:

    Diwakar beat voice

  38. sri mizha says:

    My vote for ss08 sonia

  39. gajendran says:

    my 100000000)0000 vot for ramya

  40. Sukumar says:

    SS 08 S O N I A

  41. bhuvi says:

    Vote for ss08 sonia

  42. Karthik Kannan says:

    My vote is for SS10 DIWAKER

  43. R.Sakthivel says:


  44. Ganapathy says:

    My vote for Sarath Santhosh

  45. karuppanan says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  46. R.Vetriselvan says:


  47. Ganesh puli says:

    My Vote for My Fav Contestant SS10 Diwakar Ji … Damn sure He will win the Title.

  48. S.Harikrishnan says:


  49. vanitha says:

    I vote for Syed SS04

  50. Paresh siva says:


  51. saran says:

    my vote for diwakar

  52. Arumuga Perumal says:

    SS 10 Diwakar

  53. jaishree says:

    my vote is for sonia

  54. P.Kalaimani says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  55. my vote for Sarath Santhosh

  56. P.Kalaimani says:

    SS10 Diwa..

  57. revathi says:

    my vote for syed, sarath,diwakar,paravathiand sonia

  58. R.Vetriselvan says:

    SS10 Diwa..

  59. R.Vetriselvan says:

    SS10 Diwakar..

  60. revathi says:

    my 1000000 votes for syed

  61. Our vote is for ss10….diwakar

  62. vasudev says:

    Divakar is the real mappillai of the day..All my votes to him..really stunning performance

  63. sararoshini says:

    My vote for ss10 diwakar

  64. ramkumar says:

    My vote for Divakar ss 10

  65. Jancy says:

    My vote for diwakar ss10

  66. pradeep says:

    ss10 Diwkar

  67. saranya says:

    my vote is for divakar chellam ss10

  68. velu says:

    My vote for diwakar ss10

  69. Aravinth says:

    SS 10

  70. Varun Wiki says:


  71. Ssilvester says:

    Vote for SS10


  73. ARVIND SHEVRAJ says:


  74. Nandha Kumar says:

    ss04 syed

  75. V.Johncyrany says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  76. s.m .mubeesh says:


  77. Irfan Banna says:

    My vote goes to saieed

  78. R.suresh kuttan says:

    My Vote for ss10 divakar

  79. sanjay kumar says:

    sure undoubtdly winner is dhivakar ss10…..

  80. Mayavant says:

    SS10 Diwa

  81. Hendry says:

    I vote to ss10 diwakar

  82. Srinivasan says:


  83. Thiyagarajan says:


  84. Imthiyas says:

    my vote is for,
    SS10 Diwakar.

  85. Rajkamal says:

    SS10 Diwagar

  86. augustine says:

    ss 10

  87. prasana says:

    My vote is for ss01. Sarath santosh

  88. madhu says:

    my vote only for divakar. ss10

  89. Selvi says:

    ss10 diwakar

  90. shanmuga sundar raj says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  91. rajalakshmi says:

    ss 04

  92. R.KISHORE says:


  93. RAMYA says:


  94. Jeffri says:

    My vote: SS10

  95. Dr.NagaRetnam m says:

    My votes goes to SS10

  96. malathi says:

    my vote is for diwakar SS10

  97. Ganesh says:

    SS10 Divakar

  98. karthick says:

    my vote is to ss10 dhiwaker

  99. R.VALLI says:

    MY Vote to SS10 DIWAKAR

  100. Kheerthivas says:


  101. Kalidas.s says:

    My Vote Is SS10 Diwagar

  102. R.KISHORE says:

    My vote to SS10 – Diwakar

  103. divya says:

    my vote for ss10 Divakar

  104. DInesh says:

    Vote to Divakar ss10

  105. R.vijay says:

    Ss10 diwakar

  106. Densingh says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  107. R.VALLI says:


  108. Prisilla says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  109. ramalingam says:

    ss10 diwakar

  110. Sabitha Singh says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  111. Sreejith says:

    Ss10 diwakar

  112. Kalidas.s says:


  113. Sangeetha says:

    my vote for ss01 – divagar
    my second vote for ss04 Syed

  114. Sangeetha says:


  115. Ashok says:


  116. monali says:

    SS10 Divaghar

  117. shifana says:

    my vote for syed subuhan ss04

  118. Thushy says:

    SS10 Diwakar

  119. ezhil says:

    my vote is for ss10

  120. k.chandrasekar says:

    ss10 ,Diwagar

  121. monali says:

    SS10 Divaghar , 1,00,00,00,000 votes

  122. Dr. Anu Paneerselvam says:

    Ss10 Ss10

  123. sowvik says:

    Ss01 sarath santhosh

  124. noorul says:

    my vote for syed subuhan ss04

  125. suvikkin says:

    ss 10

  126. uma says:

    my vote for ss04 syed

  127. sathyasudha says:

    My vote for SS10

  128. Godwin C Herbert says:

    ss10 – Diva

  129. Godwin C Herbert says:

    ss09- parvathi

  130. vignesh says:

    my vote for ss10

  131. Ramprasadh says:


  132. Nethaj says:

    Ss 10 diva

  133. Nethu says:

    Ss 10 Divagar

  134. Srividhya says:

    My vote is for diwakar


  135. Saravana Kumar says:


  136. sameer says:

    That someone said that parvathi sangs well , now what happened ha ha ha

  137. Seethalakshmi says:

    Dear Vijay TV Professionals and High level authorities,
    here after please don’t publicize contestant’s personal profile Especially family background and their locality and brought up. Diwakar is a fantastic performer, there is no doubt about it, but still he got lot of mercy and sympathy over the public, because of his poverty. This is not good for running the talent show. Let him succeed by exhibiting his talents and not through the mercy and sympathy.

    • vasudev says:

      I dont agree with your comments even 0.999991%

      Abraham Lincoln was a cobbler in his early days? How he became President of USA ? by mercy????????

      Some three decades ago Vikatan brought out a fact that a Professor by name Sundararajan was a newspaper boy when we was a school boy and was delivering news paper as a boy and delivering high tech subjects when he was a professor..? Is it by mercy?????????..All by hard work , follow ups and fighting spirit and craze for victory.

      How much of hard work he has put is shown by the progress he made

      When in the finale he took a classical song everybody was thrilled and excited and I am sorry to see cheap comment from you.

  138. zahir doha says:

    I deside divagar1st, syedsubahan 2nd, parvathi 3rd but finalday parvadhi is not sang well so sarath santhose get that place thanks for the peoples tovote. zahir doha

  139. selvakani says:

    When syedsubahan sang a srilanka song ,I was crying.Hands off you Syedsubahan.All the people are very emotion.Great effort.Every tamilian will feel srilanka tamilians are thoppul kodi pandam.Please support them.

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